Super Rock Games is pleased to announce the release of our first game, The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles.

The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles, is a simple yet addictive tactical football game.
In each puzzle you are presented with a snapshot of a football match.
To successfully complete the puzzle you must score a goal.
Use a combination of timing, movement and key passes to get your players into a scoring position.

- Universal App
- iTunes App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/football-playbook-tactical/id635870823

- Over 700 unique puzzles.
- Innovative control mechanism and game mechanic.
- Challenging and Addictive Game-play.
- Top down god-like view of entire pitch.
- Complete control of all your players movements.
- Ability to create and exploit space anywhere on the pitch.
- Battle against different formations and defensive strategies.
- Complete seasons and earn badges.
- Action takes place on a full pitch, 11 v 10.
- Please note we do not offer cloud support yet. Consumable in-app purchases will be tied to one device.


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Preview - Beta
"...once you start playing the next thing you know an hour has past as you are so determined to complete the level." TheBeautifulGameOnline Preview

"For all the Jose Mourinho types out there, this is a series of tactical puzzles to guide your team to the title...A brilliant test of your footballing vision, this app is infuriatingly addictive...Who would have thought you could make a puzzler title based on football? Genius." The Sun Newspaper.

"For me, the most satisfying point is when you create space and exploit the opposition movement in the game. It’s a bit like when you score a sexy pass and move goal on FIFA, you think fondly of yourself thinking, ‘I created that.’" The Football Front

"If you’re looking for an alternative to your FIFA, PES or Championship Manager, this is it. We highly recommend it...We couldn’t find much wrong with game. It’s a simple premise and quite enjoyable. It’s an excellent game. We score it 10/10." The Terrace10.

"Lots of fun and addictive gameplay with a simple goal so it’s easy to pick up and just attempt to score a goal if you’re bored. The design is pretty good...I really like this game, and I’ve played it on my iPad every morning for the last week or so on my way to work. It has a very light and fun feel about it. I’m giving it eight Ray Parlours, but only because I want to reserve a higher rating for when the game evolves." The Arsenal Report.

If you would like to write a review of the game, you can download a pack of images here and a press release here.
A "press" version of the game is also available through testflight. Please send an email for details.

PC Version
The Football Playbook originally came out on PC (Windows) in August 2012. Here are some reviews from that version.
Please note that the PC version game-play and control mechanic is different to the new mobile version.
You can download it here.

PC Version Reviews
Independent YouTube Video Review + Play-through thanks to http://themosse.net/blog/?s=344

"Interesting and clever concept; Good value; Multiple solutions enhance replayability". OperationSports - Review

"...strips football (soccer) down to its bare tactics, making the game playable and enjoyable..." IndieGames.com - Review IndieGames.com - Review Update

"Its determination to maintain simple gameplay is a large part of the charm..." indieGameMag.com - Review IndieGameMag.com - Review Update

TheIndieShelter.com - Review ( in Italian )